Who are we?

Hodgins Engraving is a mid-sized family business in Batavia, New York - proudly operating with the third generation of the Hodgins family.

Where’s Batavia, you ask? Known for its racetrack casino, great pizzerias, and small town everyone-knows-everyone vibe, Batavia is a snug little city situated roughly halfway between Buffalo and Rochester. Find us on the map here.

Our History

The things we take pride in doing and creating today are, like most businesses, a result of our evolution over the past 60 years.

Well before the dawn of offset presses, John Hodgins began his printing company in 1957, in the era when print was letterpress and letterpress was print. With a $500 loan, the purchase of a hand-fed press and some drawers of type, John started printing part-time in the barn, while working full time at a large printer.

Often times his wife, Mary, would run the press after putting the kids to bed to give him a break. Together, they made it work, and business kept growing and growing throughout the years.

The Evolution of Hodgins Engraving

Hodgins Engraving started as a die making operation in 1983, when Bob bought that segment of business from his father John.

We’ve been through a few transformations since then, making rubber stamps (at one point selling more than a million dollars’ worth of stamps per year – before the rise of everything digital!), beginning into printing with offset presses, then adding the specialty techniques with letterpress, engraving, etc.

Through the majority of the 80s and 90s, we were a lean mean business card machine, humming along as a “catalog thermographer”. Our presses were screaming through stacks and stacks of 10-up and 12-up business card runs, pumping out millions of business cards a year.

Printing Meets Technology

With the evolution of online ordering, retail stores selling these “catalog” business cards have either changed direction or gone out of business. Thus spurred another evolution, into a niche of specialty, high-end, high-quality printing that not a lot of people can do anymore, especially under one roof.

We started with “e-commerce” or automation of online ordering, when it became available back in the 90s, and have kept up with the demands of our customers all along the way. We’ve written custom integrations and made sure to always offer our own online ordering solution for distributors who did not have a solution of their own.

Providing these services has helped us really stand out among others who also do the “old-world” printing techniques. Techniques that require old-fashioned equipment and a skilled craftsperson such as letterpress, engraving, foil stamping, and embossing, have been become more and more popular in the last decade – we think the need to differentiate your identity is greater, amidst the ever-increasing amount of “noise” people are exposed to every minute of every day.

Hodgins Engraving - Today

Today, we are a company constantly looking to improve and keep up with the changing times. We value our customers and our employees as we know they determine both our future and our worth. Our goal is to provide a value to our customers that they have trouble finding today, not only through our products but our integrity and service.

Find a full list of capabilities, products and services under our Products/Services page.

Thank you for finding us – we look forward to beginning or cultivating our relationship further in the near future! Click here to get in touch.