Die Making

At Hodgins Engraving, we know dies.

All kinds of dies. Magnesium dies. Copper dies. Photopolymer dies.

Dies for intaglio printing (engraving). Dies for hot stamping, embossing and debossing. Dies for letterpress and thermal kiss-cutting. Unmounted or mounted on wood or magnesium.

We even produce specialty dies for candy-making, leather stamping, wood burning, and plastic sealing applications.

Specialty printers and manufacturers all across the country rely on us for high-quality plates and dies. The reason is simple. Our gifted artisans at Hodgins Engraving only use the highest quality materials and technology to create the dies you need to produce your desired end-product.

Our skilled craftsmen can turn your most challenging designs into a work of art. Here’s an example of how we take your design and produce a die you’ll be proud of.

Want to know more?

Click HERE to download our free, “Die and Plate Guide”. Or, call us at 1-800-666-8950 and ask to speak with one of our die-making advisors.