Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps have been around a long time. They are familiar items found in most offices around the world.

At Hodgins Engraving we have the rubber stamps you need for YOUR unique needs. All types. All sizes. All shapes and colors.

We offer pre-inked and self-inking stamps as well as the traditional hand stamp.

Our rubber stamps can be produced in various sizes including extra-large custom sizes.  (Ok.  Maybe not THIS large)

In addition, we can create a stamp for you that is square, rectangular, or even round.

But it doesn’t stop with rubber stamps. We also have daters, numbering units, as well as desk & pocket seals. The list goes on and on.

Want to know more?

To see what’s possible, take a look through our online catalog of rubber stamps and supplies. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.  Click HERE to browse.

Have a question? Give us a call at 1-800-666-8950 and ask to speak with our rubber stamp team.