6 Legal Printing Products You Need To Stock Up On

Nov 10, 2022Blue Backers, Envelopes, Folder, Labels, Legal, Stamps, Will

Be Prepared To Do Business

Business moves quickly, especially in the legal industry. You need to be able to have everything already on hand when you take on a new case or client. Stocking up on standard products for your legal office will help you maintain efficiency and professionalism with every client you work with, so you won’t need to worry about shipping times or supply chain issues.

Here Are 6 Standard Printing Products Every Legal Office Needs:

1. Will Items

Will items are a broad term that includes everything from will covers, envelopes, and will sheets. You can customize all your will items to be unique or designed in a standard format.

Will items can be personalized by adding your legal firm’s company information, your name, logo etc. Wills are also available in two colors, white and cream. At Hodgins Engraving, we keep stock will items on hand that are already engraved with standard text and can further be personalized at your request.

2. Blue Backers

Blue backers have been in use in the United States since the 1800s. Blue backers are an essential part of your legal materials that you can’t risk forgetting about. Backers help to protect your presentations and legal documents while also giving a sense of professionalism at the same time.

We offer standard format blue backers that can be customized with your law firm or legal information. We offer two standard blue backer sizes or they can be made to order.

3. Rule Lined Sheets

Rule lined paper may seem like a basic product, but you can never have too much! We offer standard, rule lined paper sheets that we keep on hand, in stock at our facility. Because this is a standard product, you can expect short lead and delivery times, ensuring you can get back to taking notes quicker.

We also offer customized rule lined paper where line color, spacing, and amount of lines can be made to order. Whatever your court jurisdiction requires for your court documents, we can meet your exact needs.

4. Legal Document Envelopes and Folders

We offer folders and envelopes to fit small, standard and oversize legal documents for safekeeping. Made of sturdy construction, these are designed to withstand years of use and storage. We stock two sizes of brown kraft envelopes – 9 x 12.5 and 10 x 15 that have the words “Legal Documents” engraved. You can order these as a stock item to ship immediately, or choose to have your firm details imprinted for further brand awareness.

Another standard item we keep in stock is a white Legal Document Envelope, which is made to fit letter sized items, and constructed with heavy board stock for maximum document protection.

5. Mailing Labels

Mailing supplies are essential products that law firms need to keep in large quantities. Hodgins Engraving offers pre-formatted labels to make your mailing process easier and more efficient. These labels are customized with your firm information, marketing colors, or any other essential information to keep your branded materials consistent.

6. Stamps and Seals

Hodgins Engraving offers customizable rubber stamps, signature stamps, notary seals, and embossing seals for all your business and legal needs.

Our rubber stamps are available in various colors, sizes, shapes, and types (including pre-inked, self-inking, and traditional hand stamps) to automate any repetitive marking your office requires. These include dater stamps with or without additional copy, customized signature stamps, and more.

For notary publics, nothing is more convenient than our customized notary stamps which include your name, notary number, State/County, and notary date line. We also offer embossing seals that allow you to leave an official impression on a document without using ink. Both our notary stamps and embossers will allow you to legitimize your official documents quickly and easily.

Contact Hodgins Engraving today for all your legal printing needs! Have questions about how we can customize your legal products?