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Considered the standard for quality, engraving can add detail and dimension to your printed identity.

It offers a subtle tactile quality that has long been associated with distinction and prestige. Engraving has the extraordinary ability to hold small type and fine detail better than any other printing technique.

Market research studies have shown that the look and feel that engraving provides significantly impresses clients, increases business and improves credibility. Those who use engraving in their identity materials are seen as “established”, “high quality”, “successful”.

Engraving is a printing process using finely engraved plates of steel or copper. The recessed areas are inked and the plate is pressed to the paper by a powerful engraving press. Because of the extreme pressure in the press, engraving causes a bruise on the backside of the sheet. This bruise on the back of the sheet is the sign of genuine engraving and is seen as a mark of prestige. If you are designing a piece that will be printed on the back of the engraved area, you may want to discuss this with us before proceeding.

One engraved die and one press pass is used for each color. Because of size limitations in the engraving presses, the stamping area is limited. A letterhead with copy at the top and bottom would require separate dies and press passes for each.

Engraving inks are 100% opaque allowing for vibrant, brilliant colors like no other printing process. Engrave fine type in white ink on black stock, or put a brilliant burst of color so bright you can almost taste it. Either will produce stunning clarity in the finished piece.

Metallic engraving inks can be burnished to make them shine like precious metals.

Engraving inks are very durable and compatible with all desktop printers, and are water based, therefore much more environmentally friendly than many other printing processes.

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