Legal & Professional Printing

Hodgins Engraving Co. has offered printing and engraving services for over 30 years. Following the acquisition of Sampson Paper Company in 2020, Hodgins continues the important work of Sampson while expanding its capabilities. Because of this vital addition, we are able to offer comprehensive printing services to the Legal and Professional community. We provide a wide range of custom printing services, eliminating the hassle of seeking out several individual printers for multiple printing needs.

We are fully equipped to supply the specific, sometimes nuanced, needs of individual requirements for printing within the legal industry. Our professional and legal printing products include:

  • Stationery (letterheads, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels, etc.)
  • Will items (will covers, first and second sheets, envelopes)
  • Document folders/ specialty envelopes (Will and Estate planning, etc.)
  • Rule lined paper
  • Blue backers and toppers
  • Manila folders (stock or custom)
  • Policy envelopes/folders

We can accommodate small and large product runs. While we are always committed to serving our clients promptly and efficiently, some custom orders may take longer to ship than standard stock items.

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