About Us

Our History

Hodgins Engraving is a third generation, mid-sized family business located in Batavia, NY.

Originally started by John Hodgins as a printing company in 1957, the business has gone through several evolutions since then.

After purchasing a local die-making business together, John sold what would then become Hodgins Engraving to his son Bob in 1983, while continuing his own printing and sign business (Hodgins Printing). At its formation, Hodgins Engraving focused on etching zinc and magnesium dies and offering other die-related services to the printing industry. As printing press technology evolved, Bob expanded into wholesale printing production, adding printing and finishing, as well as rubber stamps and engraved signs, to his list of services.

Most recently, Bob’s daughter Becky Almeter took over as President of Hodgins Engraving Co. in 2017 when Bob retired.

The Evolution of Hodgins Engraving

We have come a long way since our founding, continuing to expand our products and services to match our customers’ ever-changing needs. 

With the development of the internet and online ordering, we recognized the value and established various e-commerce solutions for our wholesale and direct customers alike. These solutions include integrating with established customer sites as the vendor, offering front-end ordering sites customized to the client’s needs, to writing fully custom integrations with proprietary systems.

We have also continually expanded our capabilities to include specialty, high-end printing techniques to accomplish our goal of being a comprehensive solution for all our customers’ fine printing and engraving needs. 

We serve customers in the following industries:

  • Print Distributors and Printers
  • Marketing/ Ad Firms
  • Wedding Planners
  • Stationery Designers
  • Legal Industry
  • Corporate Business Stationery

We provide our customers a range of products including:

  • Corporate and Personal Stationery
  • Commercial Printing
  • Marketing Materials
  • Will Items and Legal Printing
  • Diplomas/ Certificates
  • Event and Wedding Invitation Sets
  • Thank You and Holiday Cards

Why Choose Hodgins Engraving Co.

Providing our customers with these capabilities and products under one roof has differentiated us among others who only provide printing services. We are experts at both modern and “old school” printing and engraving practices. We believe the need to differentiate your identity is greater now more than ever, amidst the ever-increasing amount of “noise” people are exposed to every minute of every day. Trust Hodgins Engraving Co. to help!

Today, we are a company constantly looking to improve and keep up with the changing times. We value our customers and our employees because we know they determine both our future and our worth. Our goal is to provide real value to our customers by providing them with comprehensive services that none of our competitors can match, not only through our products but also through our integrity and quality.

Want to learn more about how we can meet your unique needs? Check out our contact page to get your questions answered!

Where’s Batavia, you ask?

Known for its racetrack casino, great pizzerias, and small town everyone-knows-everyone vibe, Batavia is a snug little city situated roughly halfway between Buffalo and Rochester. Find us on the map here.

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