Industries we serve...

When you’ve developed a reputation in the print industry for quality craftsmanship, it’s not surprising that you would become the ‘go-to’ resource for products in your unique niche. And, that’s exactly what has happened at Hodgins Engraving.

We are proud to have been selected as the premier provider of quality print solutions in several specialized industries. Here are just a few:

Print Distributors

Even the most demanding distributors of print materials agree – the most important attribute of a business partner is reliability. Reliable quality. Reliable delivery. Reliable service. That’s why print distributors all across the country trust Hodgins Engraving to provide cost-effective print solutions to their customers.

On-time delivery, impeccable quality, and friendly customer service makes your job easier when you put the care and nurturing of your customer relationships in our hands. In short, we make YOU look good!


Designers love us. Why? Because they can let their creative juices run wild and then depend on us to turn their vision into print reality.

In today’s crowded marketplace it is difficult to stand out – to be unique. That’s why we’ve been selected to work with some of the most selective (and creative!) designers to provide solutions to their most difficult print challenges. When they’ve been told “it can’t be done”…they call us. Because we can.

Greeting Card Industry

The idea of sending a greeting to celebrate special occasions goes back to the ancient Chinese and early Egyptians. Today, the most important events in our lives are marked by the receipt of a greeting card. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries… the list goes on.

At Hodgins Engraving, we not only help our greeting card clients get their message across in a unique way, but we also help them create, package and distribute their cards to the retailers who ultimately sell to the public.

We are proud to offer a unique spin to a practice that dates back thousands of years. Adding a special printing process to the ordinary greeting card – foil stamping, embossing, and thermography, to name a few - ensures your greeting card line stands out from the competition in a spectacular way. We help sell your brand by making it easy for the consumer to choose the perfect card for that special occasion.

Manufacturing Partner to the Print Industry

Sometimes you just need a little help. Every printer has their area of expertise, so you’re your project needs that “little extra” – let us help. That’s what a true partner brings to the relationship.

We bring years of expertise on processes the average printer is either unable or unwilling to offer. When working with Hodgins Engraving, you only have to work with ONE vendor who is capable of providing the unique blend of capabilities that allow you to stand apart from your competition… and save time & effort.

We are here when you need us. Perhaps it’s our technical expertise you need to tap in to for some new and creative ideas. Maybe you need us to help take your current project and “kick it up a notch”.

No matter the situation, we are here to give you the help and experience you’ve come to know and trust when working with Hodgins Engraving.

Award, Achievement & Recognition Solutions

When someone achieves a special milestone, whether through graduation, certification, receiving an award or recognition, they take pride in receiving that diploma or certificate commemorating their success.

Whether you’re a small school, large corporation, non-profit organization, association, trade school, college or university, religious institution, or governmental/military entity – we craft your custom document that truly reflects the sense of accomplishment the recipient has earned by their hard work.

Beautiful certificates marking the successful completion of a course of study or professional achievement. Graduation diplomas for students. Documents that will be treasured… and looked upon… for many years to come. All carefully crafted by the artisans at Hodgins Engraving.

Curious to know more?

If you have some ideas you’d like to discuss with one of our Print Consultants, give us a call at 1-800-666-8950. We’d be happy to help.

Or, if you’d like to touch and feel the “Hodgins Difference” for yourself – let us know. We have a sample packet of some of our most impressive work ready for your careful inspection. Just ask. Click on HERE and we’ll get it out right away.